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For immediate release – dated 6th May, 2009

Advance Motion Control
179 Gallivan Lane, Uncasville, CT 06382
Telephone 860 859 1650
Load Sensing Hydraulic Power Unit for Tower Erection

Power generation by wind is being revolutionized using the Venturi effect to accelerate wind energy around a tower into specially designed turbines. Optiwind, a Connecticut company, has pioneered this new technology using a single tower with three foundation points anchoring the triangular section to its base. The tower is erected in one piece from horizontal to vertical using two of its triangular points as pivots. Two 13” bore double acting hydraulic cylinders, attached between additional foundation points and a ginpole structure fixed part way along the tower, require a combined 440 tons of force to swing the tower upright.

Advance Motion Control was commissioned to design and build the hydraulic power unit to perform this critical operation. Craig Goodsell, Applications Manager for AMC, undertook the project and saw the greatest challenge as maintaining the speed of cylinder extension at all stages of raising and lowering the tower. A Sauer Danfoss load
sensing piston pump and ratio-metric valve was used in conjunction with a high accuracy synchronizing flow divider to move both cylinders equally.

An integrated radio transmitter and receiver control unit allows the operator to stand in the most advantageous position during the process. The transmission handset incorporates a progressive trigger which has been programmed to vary the speed of the cylinders’ 9” diameter rods between 1” and 7” per minute. The diesel driven hydraulic power unit is one of a series of larger custom products being offered by AMC as part of the expansion
program laid out by parent company, Devine Hydraulics, Inc. Small to medium power units are already available to web browsers at www.amcct.com. The drop down menus allow the user to configure the unit of their choice, get a firm price and order the unit with a two to three day dispatch period.

EZ Scale Information

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Notes concerning DHI history, capabilities, and expansion plan


Brian Devine, owner and president of Devine Hydraulics, Inc., started his working life as a tool and cutter grinder for Electric Boat, the submarine building company founded by Isaac Rice in 1899 at Groton, Connecticut. Employment in this profession required 400 hours of specialist training.

To increase his experience, Brian moved to Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, the East Hartford, Connecticut, company started by Frederick Rentschler in 1925. This period, spent in the research and development department, added greatly to his knowledge of mechanical engineering.

Brian started the 1980’s with a move to the west coast, taking employment with Rupes Hydraulics in San Marcos, CA, as a machinist specializing in the close tolerance work required in pumps and motors. He quickly became General Manager of the company and acquired three years of experience in the service sector of mobile hydraulics.

These three years were sufficient to help Brian identify the lack of skilled hydraulic service in his hometown area of Montville, Connecticut, and the idea of creating his own company sparked into life. With limited funds and unlimited energy, Devine Hydraulics, Inc., engaged in the service and repair of all and any hydraulic equipment in the south east of the state.

A steady expansion of the business through reputation and hard work required a move to larger premises and the Oakdale facility was purchased in 1988. The workforce steadily grew and customers now included Electric Boat and Pratt & Whitney, as well as the Navy dockyard and the Submarine base.

2005 started a growth path for Devine Hydraulics, Inc., that required acquisitions. Alongside a local machining company, Devine Hydraulics, Inc., acquired the assets of Advance Motion Control and established it as a separate division. AMC utilizes the same company ethos and fervor, directed wholly toward the design and building of hydraulic power units and systems. This division of the company has expanded, partly through national and international sales from its dedicated website, to the point where larger premises are again required.

2008 saw the launch of the AMC division into the public arena at the nation’s three yearly exposition in Las Vegas with a two hundred square foot booth display showing a typical hydraulic power unit alongside a monitor with the website configurator. The AMC website offers the customer the opportunity to select the style of power unit and then use the drop down menus to configure the individual components to suit the actual application at hand. This includes the horsepower and supply voltage of the electric motor driving the system, the hydraulic flows and pressures, and valving requirements.

During 2008, key personnel were recruited to steer Devine Hydraulics, Inc., through its next phase of expansion. The plan included more stand alone divisions of the company dedicated separately to distribution of fluid power products in New England, importation of fluid power products for warehousing and national distribution, hydraulic system design and engineering facilities, subcontract machining, product design and manufacture.

With the new staff using their skills in marketing, designing and integrating fluid power products throughout New England and augmenting the core business of service and repair, Devine Hydraulics, Inc., is flourishing.

Moving into larger premises during the summer of 2009 will assure the continuity of the expansion plan and allow more world class manufacturers to assign Devine Hydraulics, Inc., official status as distributors for the state of Connecticut. New business divisions will be announced during the year and will include a machine tool sector to take on sub contract work as well as in house manufacturing requirements, and a design facility to bring new products from concept to market.


The Management Team

Craig Goodsell is our Applications Manager, having joined us later in 2008. He has a very successful career in fluid power. He is a certified hydraulic trainer and a specialist in designing load sense and proportional hydraulic systems. His power unit experience covers a spread from 1/2 horsepower to 10,000 horsepower with electric drives, gas and diesel driven and includes multi-circuit power units for the food industry and tier one auto suppliers. Craig is the designer of the hydraulic power units used in Morbark and Bandit in their mobile stump grinders.


Machining Capabilities

At our Connecticut facility, we repair and overhaul hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors, valves and accumulators.

In house machining capabilities include:

  1. cylinder honing up to 22” diameter and 54 feet long
  2. hydraulic cylinder manufacture up to 12” diameter and 35 feet long
  3. heavy turning, milling, grinding and lapping
  4. welding with MIG, TIG, arc, gas and braze


Customer Services
  • Design and build facility for hydraulic power units including proportional and load sensing, with electric, diesel and air drives, in mobile, marine and industrial applications.
  • In house repair and service of hydraulic equipment and components including cylinders, motors, pumps and valves.
  • Field engineers are also available for troubleshooting, plant commissioning and quotations at customers’ facilities.
  • Our mobile workshops are equipped with gas and electric welding, tube bending, hose making, generators and a full range of tools for on site inspections, routine maintenance, breakdowns, machine installations and preventive maintenance.

Tubes N' hoses of Connecticut
A Division of Devine Hydraulics, Inc.
Ph: 860.859.1650 • Fax: 860.859.3711 • Email: sales@dhict.com
179 Gallivan Lane • Uncasville, CT 06382

The Company is committed to profitable growth in its core business of service and repair of hydraulic equipment and to continuing expansion through distribution, design and manufacturer of associated equipment. Our focus is to always work for the satisfaction of our shareholders, customers and employees and to be a benefit to the local community.